The Everyday Computer Handling Necessities Of Life Or Gratifying You

Too corny? Maybe.

But deep down, what everyone expects from computer technology is the automated handling of daily repetitive necessities. What could be more gratifying than not having to cut/paste, merge, total, file, save, rename, email, etc., etc. etc.

Our products bundle technology that streamline the manual processes of the past....

For example...
...our Steamboat Springs Central Reservation feed calculates DAILY occupancy / availability counts BY ROOM TYPE! What used to take a reservationist hours and get done a few times per week (and thus quickly became inaccurate).... now can be done accurately, quickly, and automatically several times EACH DAY.

...our FRS Email program lets your reservationist create multiple letters with multiple attachments, add unlimited comments, and instantly email guests graphical (HTML based) confirmation letters, receipts, contracts and more!

...our VIEW 2 PDF tool does in 2 keystrokes what would otherwise take upwards of 25 keystrokes and/or mouse clicks, etc. Not to mention (guess I'm going to) the results LOOK BETTER!