KABA Access Code Interface

The KABA Access Code interface automatically tracks new and modified reservations, and quickly retrieves and records the needed Codes.

KABA is a leader in the keyless door lock field. Their keyless access code locks are a perfect fit for the Vacation Home Rental industry. Vacationing guests need only know their homes "PIN" or Access Code to unlock their accommodations. Every guest (reservation/folio) is assigned a UNIQUE Access Code specfic for ONLY that stay!

Guest Technologies hooks into the KABA API to securely interface FRS and KABA over the internet.


  • Reservationists don't need to manually update folios when changes occur.
  • System knows which homes have these custom locks.
  • The code is automatically written/saved onto the appropriate folio.
  • Code available for Front Desk Lookup and printing on confirmation letters.
  • GREATLY reduced chance of errors.
  • Happens in the background.
  • Requires no user intervention.


  • $29.00 / Month
  • Plus $ 1.00 / Month / Door (up to 100)
  • Plus $  .50 / Month / Door (doors 101 - 200)
  • Plus $  .25 / Month / Door (doors 201+ )