FRS Email

  • Email Guests Their Confirmation Letters
  • Add attachments ~ such as Word DOC, Check-In Map, Brochure PDF's
  • Personalized 'From' Address for each person in your office
  • Predefined (or custom) 'Subject' Lines for easy & standard mail creation.
  • Easily 'Copy Self' to maintain a copy of outgoing Emails
  • Ease of Use ~ Just a few mouse clicks and Emails are generated.
  • Easy Installation ~ Add desktop shortcuts and startup!
  • Ability for you to enhance your confirmation letters to HTML/ web page quality!
  • Present to your guests a professional & branded look.
  • Enhance your letters to include links to your web site.
  • Include 'personal touch comments' (or not) on each email

Samples Emails (click to enlarge):
Sample Sample Email Sample Sample

With FRSemail you can control the background and text colors, blend background images, add your company logo, modify fonts, add links and more. We'll help you with your custom design from mild to wild!


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$14.95 / month