We are one of the few companies that is qualified and regulary creates custom Report Generator (RG) scripts for the FRS "RGMAIN" software module. (like this $99 yearly forecast)

Not only can we create RG scripts... but we often use scripts and regular reports (from AVMAIN) to supply data into much more comprehensive results. How about our GT Occupancy Count program... sample results ... to show you DAILY OCCUPANCY and REVENUE by ROOM TYPE and COMPLEX.

We have also heard that FRS/Instant Software is no longer taking requests for custom Report Generator script writing. EVEN IF YOU ARE WILLING TO PAY?

We're ready, willing and able!

From simple data export requests to major number crunching, let us help you get the results you need! We've created custom reports & applications for companies such as Blue Tent Marketing, Inntopia, VRGateway, Buehner-Fry (now Navis Technologies), and various other First Resort Software clients. Utilizing data mining procedures, we can extract First Resort data like you never dreamed possible.

$ 90.00 / Hour
(Total price quoted in advance so there are no surprises.)