FAQ: Frequenty Asked Questions

  • Q::: Why don't I just get these features from FRS/Instant Software?
  • A::::: IF they offer it... maybe you should, maybe you shouldn't. You should definately take a look and compare the native FRS feature, to our enhanced addon program. Compare our Online Booking & Calendars to theirs.... Compare our confirmation Emails to their email. Compare their pricing to ours...
    Further... we offer solutions that they don't even have! (PDF Tool, KABA Interface, SMS Texting, etc.)

  • Q::: Will FRS increase my annual maintenance fees for these modules.
  • A::::: NO. We are independant and our services don't impact your agreements with FRS.

  • Q::: I no longer pay FRS maintenance upgrade fees. Will your software work with older versions of AVmain?
  • A::::: YES. All our products run on any version of AVmain.

  • Q::: I'm probably going to change to V.12 in a couple of years. Why should I add your features now?
  • A::::: Well, just because you may be selling your car in a couple years, doesn't mean you don't keep it tuned up now... Further... most of our products are priced at a monthly fee and we don't require you to commit to any long term agreement. (e.g. Month to Month Billling ~ Cancel Anytime)

  • Q::: Do your programs work with V.12?
  • A::::: NO. Our expertise is currently centered around AVmain and RGmain (Report Generator).

  • Q::: I like what I see... but can you have it do 'X' instead?
  • A::::: MAYBE. Some of 'our' best inventions come from client needs. If you have an idea for an enhancement or new feature, we'll consider it. Really! We like new ideas! That's where the KABA Interface and Housekeeping/Guest SMS texting programs came from.

  • Q::: Do you write Report Generator Scripts?
  • A::::: YES. We've done hundreds of scripts over the years. I have heard FRS NO LONGER writes scripts for clients. But we're happy to discuss the design of a new report.

  • Q::: Do you access the FRS data files directly? And is there a chance of file corruption?
  • A::::: NO. We push and pull data via our custom API methods. Our methods do not introduce any more chance of corruption than a user typing manually.

  • Q::: I already have the 'X' Module from FRS. Can I run your programs along side it?
  • A::::: YES. You can keep ALL your current modules and add ours as well.

  • Q::: Do I need to add new hardware or new servers to run your software?
  • A::::: NO. All of our applications are compact, stand alone products that require just a Windows XP workstation to run. We recommend WinXP, but our software should run on Win95, Win98, WinNT/Pro as well)